Stay in the Game: VPNs and DDoS Protection for Warzone Players

DDoS attacks are a grave and alarming concern. From our standpoint, taking proactive measures for digital security is typically the optimal approach, and that principle holds true in this case. In this article, we will provide you with comprehensive information about distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks and how a VPN can effectively thwart them.

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Stay in the Game: VPNs and DDoS Protection for Warzone Players 3

Does the VPN Offer DDoS Protection?

VPNs can indeed prevent DDoS attacks in most cases. A significant advantage of using a VPN is its ability to conceal IP addresses. By hiding your network’s IP address, DDoS attacks struggle to locate and target you effectively. VPNs encrypt web traffic, establishing a secure tunnel between your computer and network, thereby concealing your online activities from your internet service provider.

However, it is important to note that while VPNs offer protection, they are not foolproof. If a hacker already possesses your computer’s IP address, there may be limited effectiveness in using a VPN. Additionally, there have been cases where hackers directly target VPN companies’ servers, exploiting poor implementation of DDoS attack protection and compromising user safety. While VPNs cannot mitigate ongoing DDoS attacks or those already present on servers, they can effectively thwart attacks once the VPN is configured on your devices.

In fact, all gaming VPN benefits will directly depend on the service you choose. If you have found the best VPN for Warzone gaming, then you can get all the benefits listed and even more. However, free and low-grade VPNs will not improve cybersecurity for gamers, at least not as much as we expect. They are not able to provide uninterrupted gameplay and protect against IP address disclosure. Therefore, it is reasonable to pay great attention to the choice of VPN provider.

Why Would You Play Warzone With a VPN?

You might have heard rumors about VPNs slowing down your connection or only being useful for online anonymity. But why would you even consider using one while gaming? Let me give you three compelling reasons:

  • Boost Your Performance: Surprisingly, using a VPN for Warzone can actually enhance your gaming experience. If your ISP is limiting your connection speed, you may encounter slow load times and excessive lag. However, by activating a VPN and connecting to a nearby server, you can overcome these throttling issues.
  • Shield Against DDoS Attacks: If you somehow manage to provoke a tech-savvy player, they might launch a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack against you. Without delving into the intricacies of such attacks, the outcome is simple—your connection gets flooded with nonsensical data, leading to a crash. By concealing your actual IP address with a VPN, the brunt of the attack gets absorbed by the VPN server, ensuring your connection remains stable.
  • Join Bot Lobbies: While it involves technicalities, the crux is this—CoD employs an algorithm to match players of similar skill levels. This is ideal if you seek competitive gameplay, but not if you’re aiming to level up quickly. However, with a VPN, you can easily find players who are new to the game, allowing you to rapidly improve your statistics.

The Best VPN Locations for Warzone

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Stay in the Game: VPNs and DDoS Protection for Warzone Players 4

The top locations to optimize your Warzone and Warzone 2.0 experience are those near-dedicated COD servers. Currently, COD boasts a total of 29 dedicated servers scattered across various regions such as the US, UK, and Europe. Interestingly, Europe is regarded as the prime Warzone region for accessing manageable bot-filled lobbies, attributed to its lesser popularity among gamers in that area.

Now, let’s uncover how you can identify the most suitable VPN location for Warzone based on your location:

  • Opt for a location where the time zone is at an unusual hour, like 5 AM when player numbers are typically lower. This tends to result in more accessible lobbies, although it’s important to maintain reasonable expectations and not anticipate easy kills in every early morning game.
  • Connect to a server that strikes a balance between proximity and distance. The further away the server is, the higher the ping will be. Conversely, choosing a too-close server may not necessarily guarantee easier lobbies. Aim for that sweet middle ground.
  • If you’re not located in the US, US servers are generally reliable for Warzone. The ping usually remains below 100ms, and any accompanying lag is unlikely to disrupt gameplay significantly.
  • Rumor has it that Egypt and Singapore also offer favorable Warzone environments. For players located in the Americas, Egypt or the broader Middle East region, as well as European locations, are viable choices. On the other hand, Singapore becomes the optimal option for those in Europe.

Final Words

Playing CoD: Warzone without a VPN is perfectly fine if you’re not bothered by SBMM. However, if you occasionally want to join both lobbies, using a VPN while playing Warzone could be your only option. Perhaps a more compelling reason for VPN protection is protecting against DDoS attacks. The importance of internet security for gamers is still often underestimated, but progress is gradually being made in this direction. Accordingly, the field of online gaming security is also developing, and protection tools are appearing. VPN is one of those very tools that prevents identity disclosure, protects against DDoS attacks, and helps optimize the gaming process.

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