All about warzone.

We are small but cool group, who love Counter-Strike. It was all started back in 2010, when we launched CSWARZONE. Now we are providing different Counter-Strike releases like 1.6, CS:S and CS:GO.

We are also running 24/7 Discord server. We hope you guys have been enjoying our releases and servers. We aim to provide you good gaming experience and make better gaming community.

We will try our best effort to do every thing on which we are working. We will provide best gaming experience to our players and want to produce best Counter-Strike players.

Who is funding cswarzone? Cswarzone is editorially independent, we don’t have funding from big grantmaking networks, governments or billionaires, so main source of our revenues – from advertising. As advertising revenues drop significantly around Internet, we are looking for new funding sources, – we are offering you to donate to support our work.

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