How To Secure Your CS: GO Inventory

Nowadays, we often have cases of scamming and hacking everywhere. And once you’re not careful enough, you’ll be snatched into their traps. 

Hacking is done more seriously this time around, especially knowing that almost every device we use daily is tied to the internet, which is the gateway to the hacking. Many cases of hacking also happened in the gaming industry where a lot of gamers suffered from financial loss after their accounts, along with their inventory, were stolen by somebody they never know.

The same thing may happen in games like CS: GO, a game where you can collect many exclusive skins for guns and other weaponry. The thing is, when you start investing your real money into the game, you need to keep your account better by doing various safety measures.

This is important to remember that many CS: GO players were suffering from the same fate similar to those poor businessmen who got their financial data stolen and leaked. In this article, we’ll walk you through some methods you can do to keep your CS: GO inventory safe.

How To Secure Your CS: GO Inventory

1. Enable The Steam Guard Security

The very first thing any Steam account owner should do is activate the Steam Guard feature. This feature is usually served as an option on default, so you have to enable it yourself. But don’t worry, the process is actually quite easy.

You may enable the Steam Guard feature in the Steam Settings, which you can directly access. You can also enhance the guard even better by adding 2FA that’ll be using the Steam app version on your phone. The codes must be used for everything you log into your account.

Before trying to turn it on, you also have to Verify your email address first, and the process is also as easy. Simply click the link provided by Steam, check your email, and click the link there. That’s it, the address will be verified almost instantly.

In order for the new Settings to work, you have to close the Steam program and reopen it again. Now check the Settings page again, and if you see a shield symbol that turned green, that means the Steam Guard feature has been activated.

3. Use a Reliable VPN Connection

A VPN connection will always work to keep your security intact whether it’s during gameplay or casual browsing. Remember to only use reputable and worthy services, which you should always put focus into.

Another thing to know here, VPN on Steam can be used for protection or changing region. Yes, by changing your region to others, you can access restrict games and play on different servers. It’ll be helpful, although only on special occasions.

3. Hide Your Steam Inventory

Every item you obtained or bought from Steam is saved under the inventory. And in order to make it stay private, you can turn the privacy to Private, rather than Friends Only or Public. That way, no one on the platform can even see what’s inside your inventory. All they see will be blanks. 

4. Never Put Your Personal Info

We know that for some people, putting information that’s related to them can be really tempting. Most of the time, we can see that people put their real addresses on their Steam profiles or even their real contact numbers. Why?

By exposing your personal information like this, you’ll basically welcome any hackers to come into your front door. They can use any potential information related to you to breach your personal data, and it’s not only about gaming, but could be your bank accounts, student credentials, and any other things that should be kept private. It’s terrible.

So, never put any close information about yourself on Steam, no matter what the situation is. In fact, just fill your bio with something random instead. 

5. Don’t Trust Those “Free Steam Gift Card” Pages

It’s like luring kids with some candies. A lot of websites on the internet generally promise something that’s too good to be true, like the free Steam Gift Card, for example. Although there are some tiny portions of them that are legitimate, most of the time, these suspicious websites only provide nothing but phishing and scams.

You may feel that’s something weird with those websites. All things just don’t feel legit and natural. Ads are placed here and there, and their requirements to get the Free Steam gift cards are really questionable.

So yeah, it’s always best to be safe using your own real money instead and buy gift cards at stores near you. It’s a lot safer that way, and more direct too!

6. Use Stronger Passwords

Instead of using your birthday or phone number, use something that’s completely randomized and not related at all to you. Better if you can create a password combination using small and capital letters, unique symbols, and numbers. Although yes, the password will be alien-ish, at least it’s better and safer to use. 

Do the same step not only for Steam but also for other apps or programs you often use. That way, you can always be safe when accessing them.

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