CS:GO: A Beginner’s Guide to Be Unbeatable

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive may look straightforward at first appearance; all you have to do is hunt down and kill your adversaries, right? But you’ll be even more shocked once you realize that this is all an illusion as you go through the levels of this wildly popular shooter. So, how can you improve in this famous FPS?

If you’re just starting out, you could find it challenging to grasp the concepts at play and find enjoyment in the game itself, much alone the thrill of winning. In this primer, we’ll cover some of the fundamentals; get a handle on them, and you’ll have a better grasp of the game as a whole.

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1- Find Your Best Settings

Try converting what you’ve used in previous games if you are a new player. Even if you’ve never played a first-person shooter before, you can still find the level of sensitivity that feels right by experimenting. Therefore, it’s best to play with as little sensitivity as possible. Most top players use a mouse with a dpi of 400–800 and an in-game sensitivity of 1–3.

Choose where to place the target crosshairs. You get to call the shots on the hue and animation. It’s like making a fashion statement for yourself inside the game. As most players would use their monitor’s native resolution anyhow, you don’t even have to worry about the difficulty of the resolution. Yet, some people choose to switch to a 4:3 aspect ratio since the narrower field of vision helps eliminate distracting elements on the periphery of the display.

2- Enhance Your Aiming

There is a lot going on in CS:GO battles, so you may not have time to relax and hone your shooting skills. Yet, the investment is worthwhile and will provide excellent results.

Three choices are available to you:

  • Aiming maps made by the community should be used as the starting point. Get some fascinating maps for aim practice on the Steam Workshop by doing a simple search, including CS:GO drills like these in your everyday routine.
  • Take on bots and attempt to keep your focus on the action. Put aside all the other factors for the time being.
  • Shooting quickly is a must; thus, I recommend playing the Deathmatch mode.

3- Practice with Several Weapons

Many newcomers to the game may wish to impress their friends with the spectacular appearance of a few weapons. Those people buy guns like the Desert Eagle or the AWP, and then they don’t understand why they can’t make clean headshots with them.

It is recommended that you begin your training with more powerful weapons in the game.

If you want to win in this game, you need to master the above weapons before moving on to others. Most professional players also bring weapons to games because of how efficient they are.

4- Make Friends with the Burst Fire Feature

It takes a lot of practice and skill to be able to produce clean headshots with just a single shot. Learning spraying patterns, as well as recoil compensation, can assist you in figuring out how the bullet streams behave and improve your accuracy when spraying (while you keep the left mouse button held).

For new shooters, the burst fire mode is a better option. You empty the magazine of your rifle to ensure its continued precision. However, the lethality of any one shot is not the only factor to consider; extra damage may be done by firing many shots at once.

Remain stationary when shooting. In CS:GO, you can’t fire correctly while moving. Get the hang of pausing briefly before going on to create the burst and then traveling across the board with ease. It’s a pretty nice piece of advice for individuals who question how to become good at this game. You may use other forms of entertainment, like surfing, to hone your in-game mobility skills.

5- Know Your Maps

Each Counter-Strike map has more than just buildings and terrain. The game’s regulations, the conduct of both sides, the available tactics, and the overall playing experience are all defined by the specific places in which they take place. You should focus on mastering particular maps if you want to improve at CS:GO.

Get to know the top maps. Choose the one that appeals to you best (for any reason). It’s not a good idea to rely on just one map for far too long. After you’re satisfied with your progress thus far, go on to the next phase.

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