How To Get Better At CS:GO & Improve Your Gameplay

Playing CSGO is can be both easy or difficult, especially for newbies who are just starting to play. There is nothing wrong with self-taught learning so that you can develop more in terms of skills.

There some factors you need to learn when playing CSGO, which can be the reason why anyone just couldn’t be a master one one day. The experience will slowly shape you into a better player, although it does take some time.

Apart from self-taught learning, new players usually start initiatives by learning from playmates. Either learn from friends who have the same understanding, or friends who have already played CSGO and are better at it, of course.

But usually, pro players who are good at CSGO strategy won’t give all the information they know. There are several secrets that are hidden as a strategy so that pro players are not defeated even with their own friends.

For Gamers Friends who are learning to play CSGO and are looking for tips on how to get good at it fast, don’t be discouraged. In this article, we will explain how to quickly get good at playing CSGO, even though Gamers friends have only learned a few days.

These tips will really help new players who want to improve their playing skills. The following are things or procedures that Gamers Friends can follow to go one step better at playing CSGO.

How To Get Better At CS:GO & Improve Your Gameplay

1. Mastering the Battlefield

First, players must recognize the battlefield that is being used in battle by both teams. The battlefield that has been recognized and mastered in detail will greatly help to carry out war actions.

Hiding or shooting actions will be easier to do if you master the battlefield. To master the battlefield, frequently go around the map with the aim of memorizing the battlefield.

When you’re trying to get better on the game, we also highly recommend to use a safe internet connection to make the gaming experience a lot better. And one thing you can do to achieve it is by using the VPN. You might wonder why do you need a VPN for gaming, well there are some. Aside from keeping your from the cybersecurity risks, using a gaming VPN can also smoothen your internet connection in some cases.

And for a fast-paced game like CSGO, your connection is a deciding factor whether your team will win or not.

2. Master the Types of Weapons

Apart from recognizing the battlefield, you also need to develop a strategy in terms of buying weapons. It’s fine to keep buying your favorite weapon, but not always the game situation will always be the way you want it.

Making decisions about what and when to buy certain weapons and equipment according to the conditions, if done correctly, will certainly give you an advantage. Follow these strategies of weapon-buyin in CSGO:

  • Full eco, don’t buy anything, except flashbang for the terrorist team and don’t buy anything if you are in the counterterrorist team.
  • Eco pistols, if you’re on a terrorist team, just buy some flashbangs and smoke grenades. Buy Tec 9 if you do have additional money. Meanwhile, the counterterrorist team only bought P-250 and armor.
  • SMG/Shotgun eco, a strategy that can be carried out by both teams by simply buying flashbangs, smoke grenades, armor, and also SMG weapons or shotguns that suit the conditions.
  • Full buy, buying everything that can be bought, starting from rifles, flashbangs, smoke, armor, and also grenades. This strategy can of course be carried out by both teams.
  • Force buy, each team member buys as much as they can with their limited money.
  • Anti-eco, similar to force buy, but only done in the predicted round if the enemy team does eco buying.

The first round, or commonly known as the pistol round, means that everyone on the team must be frugal and can only use pistols. If you lose in round 1, then for the next 2 rounds, the team has to downsize. This is what we’d like to call as an eco round.

Another thing to remember is that even though we individually have a lot of money to buy weapons, as good team members, the money we have is the money that belongs to the team as a whole. If someone is short of money, then the player who has money must buy it for the player who ‘needs’ it.

You also have to always make sure that our friends have enough money to buy weapons and equipment before we buy weapons. If the team’s money is limited so that there are team members who have enough money to buy weapons (only pistols), then everyone must “save” so that in the next round, everyone can buy weapons and kevlar + helmets.

If you manage to get a kill on a pistol round, don’t rush to buy a rifle or other weapon, but buy a Desert Eagle pistol first. If you still win in the next round, then you can safely buy a rifle.

3. Practice Against Bots

Sharpen your skills by practicing against bots to increase your confidence. Practicing against bots for beginners can be said to be difficult and easy and is a strategy to improve skills.

The more often you practice against bots, the more powerful a player will be in terms of individual skills. This must be done by new players who want to be good at playing CSGO quickly.

4. Establish Solid Teamwork

Collaboration with teammates or teamwork is also a factor in winning a round in the CSGO game. With good coordination between roles, solid team players can anticipate enemy attacks in a battle.

For example, a player with the Sniper role can protect his partner who becomes a Rusher from being ambushed by enemies. Especially in Bomb match mode, all team members must work together to protect the player in charge of carrying and planting bombs if playing on the Terrorist side or disarm the bomb if playing on the Counter-Terrorist side.

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