Everything You Need to Know About The Major Update “Call To Arms” For CS2

The “Call To Arms” update, which was released on February 7, 2024, contains not only a new case called Kilowatt but also other long-awaited updates and improvements. Now players can more freely choose the location for stickers on weapons, play in the “Arms Race” mode on two maps, and use music from the new set. You will learn more about updates for Counter-Strike 2 in the article from eZstah.

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“Arms Race”

One of the reasons why many players were unhappy with Counter-Strike 2 upon release was the lack of additional game modes beyond regular matches. Apparently, it took extra time to port them to the new engine, and now the Arms Race mode has finally returned to the game. It is now available on two maps called Baggage and Shoots.

Placement of Stickers

Previously, if a player wanted to decorate a CS2 skin with stickers, they had to choose from several sticker positions that were fixed for each weapon. Now you can place up to five stickers on each gun, and their position is chosen completely arbitrarily, as is the angle of rotation. This is really great news for those who like to add even more originality to their skins.

Of course, such an update could not be done without a new capsule with stickers. It’s called Ambush Capsule, and it includes two dozen stickers in a wide variety of styles – from funny inscriptions to stylish, shiny designs.

New case

The Kilowatt Case includes two major new products. This is the first skin for Zeus x27, which is called Olympus, and a new type of knife – kukri. Files for this type of knife were discovered in previous updates, so in December players could already evaluate its appearance using console commands. Now it has become officially available. In addition, the game has a new music set, Nightmode.

The Taser, by the way, has received not only visual improvements: now you can also add stickers and tags to it, and its recharge time is 30 seconds in all game modes, and not just in the “Forbidden Zone”.

Graphics And Performance Improvements

One of the most noticeable changes was the improvement to smoke grenades. Smoke now behaves more realistically, and its particles react to shadows and lighting. Here are a few more updates to look out for:

  • Agents that have unique animations now react to winning or losing at the end of a match
  • While placing stickers, players can zoom in on the weapon to select the location for the sticker as accurately as possible.
  • Improved physics of sliding on surfaces.
  • A “Refund All” button has appeared in the purchasing menu.
  • Audio settings have been improved, in particular, you can now select the threshold microphone volume.
  • Players who have accumulated more than the base experience limit in a week will display an XP Overload status.
  • Almost all maps received minor improvements and fixes.

How to Use The Updated Taser in CS2?

The “Call to Arms” update added a skin for the Zeus x27 for the first time, which attracted the attention of players to this weapon. However, the developers did not limit themselves to visual changes to the taser. They improved its stats, making it slightly more likely for the taser to appear in matches.

Before the update, Zeus x27 was practically not used due to the fact that it was unprofitable to buy it. Firstly, it could only be used once, and killing with it did not provide a monetary reward. Secondly, the weapon acted too unrealistically. It was possible to kill an opponent only by hitting certain parts of the body, which looked strange for a taser, since it does not shoot bullets but shocks the enemy with an electric shock.

Taser Improvements

In the new update, the characteristics of Zeus x27 have changed. These weapons are no longer single-use, meaning players can use them more effectively. In addition, its damage has been increased, and now any hit guarantees that the enemy goes out of action (aiming for the head is no longer necessary).

However, the Zeus x27 still has disadvantages that may make its use impractical. Reloading takes 30 seconds, so using the taser during tense moments of the match will be difficult. In fact, when choosing this weapon, the player has no room for error. The player may find himself in a losing position if he misses. Additionally, hitting an enemy with a Taser still doesn’t give you any rewards, so if you use this weapon too often, you may not have enough money for weapons and equipment in the next rounds.

Tips For Using a Taser

If you want to test Zeus x27 in competitive matches, we recommend paying attention to the following tips:

  1. You shouldn’t buy Zeus x27 every round, as it can ruin the game’s economics for your team: even if you use it successfully, it still means you’re spending money without getting anything in return. Save the taser for economy rounds where you’re shopping low.
  2. Don’t try to use it against groups of enemies. If you suspect that there are several enemies nearby, switch to another weapon.
  3. Do not use the taser in open areas. It is most effective in winding corridors and narrow passages, where the enemy has nowhere to escape and you are not in danger of an unexpected attack.
  4. Whenever possible, use it in combination with smoke and flash grenades to catch your opponent off guard.

It is unclear how much more often the taser will appear in real matches. However, in the workshop, you can already see custom skins for the Zeus x27, which means there is a possibility that the developers will select them for subsequent cases, so the Zeus x27 Olympus will not be the only one left.

Wrapping It Up

The average monthly number of CS2 players is about 600,000-700,000 and if you are one of them and want to achieve the same success as, for example, Oleksandr “⁠s1mple” Kostyliev from Navi, we recommend paying attention to updates in the game, as well as about the settings. You can get this valuable information from Profiler, which is available to CS2 players around the world, including the USA and Canada.

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