CS:GO Advice for Beginners

Ifyou have never played Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), you might thinkthe gameplay is pretty straightforward, as all you need to do is shoot enemieswhile running. Yet, anyone who has powered up the game will know it is a complex,imaginative game with many technical aspects. Ifyou are eager to play the game yourself, there are some tips you should checkout to build a solid foundation. Read the following CS:GO advice for beginners.

Build Your Gaming Soft Skills

Avidgamers don’t only work on their hard skills to perform accurate shots, but theypossess many soft skills to ensure their success when playing various titles. CS:GOrequires focus, patience, and perseverance, which are qualities you can gainand grow by playing a mix of games online, as each will teach you skills to makeyou a stronger CS:GO player. For instance, chess will improve your attentionspan and patience, and poker can teach you to remain cool, calm, and collectedunder pressure, which is exactly what you need when playing any shooting game.You might also want to bet on CS: GO Tournaments and use Unibet Bonus to boost your initial balance.  

Choose the Best Weapons forBeginners

Asyou will have many gun options to choose from in CS:GO, you must pick wisely. Someare better suited to beginners than others. You might think purchasing a coolAWP or Desert Eagle gun will allow you to accurately perform a headshot, butyou might not have the skills or experience to use it.

Don’texpect to be perfect from day one of gameplay. Choose a weapon better suited tobeginners to practice with, such as a Tec-9 (T) or a Five-SeveN (CT) pistol.Alternatively, you could select an AK047 (T) or M4A4 (CT) rifle for morepowerful shots.

Improve Your CrosshairPlacement

Neverunderestimate the importance of good crosshair placement, as it will determinethe effectiveness of your aim. Placing the crosshairin the best position throughout gameplay will improve your precision, and you willnot need to move your mouse as often because it is on target. If you are unsureabout the best crosshair placement, it is wise to aim it at head height, as youcan’t always kill an enemy with a body shot.

Practice Your Shooting Skills

Practicemakes perfect, especially when playing CS:GO. As mentioned earlier, calm andfocus are essential during gameplay, and you must practice your aiming andshooting as much as possible to improve your skills during a match. Get startedby training with bots and concentrate on shooting to boost your knowledge andconfidence. Also, don’t be afraid to play Deathmatch mode to practice fast,accurate shooting.

Use Utility to Beat YourOpponent

Gainan advantage over an opponent by using utility, as it will provide greatercontrol of various map areas, helping you to successfully defend or attack. Forexample, you will know when and where to use molotoys to clear a position,smoke out the enemy when entering a key area, or use a flashbang for multiplekills.

Pay Close Attention to Sounds

Onething is certain: CS:GO is a noisy game, and most players will struggle not tomake a sound. Despite the pressure and chaos, you must attempt to reduce yournoise when moving from A to B, as banging and stomping could help an opponentidentify your position and attack.

Also,pay closer attention to your opponents’ sounds by wearing a high-quality gamingheadset during gameplay. It will help you tune in to the noises around aplayer and distinguish your opponents’ positions. You might be surprised by thedifference it makes to your performance and ranking.

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