Best CS2 Skins for Beginners

When talking about famous skins in Counter-Strike, many people immediately remember Dragon Lore, Howl, Fade, and other expensive legendary skins for machine guns. But we must not forget about pistols – the indispensable companions of every player in the initial rounds, in force situations, and other situations.

CS2 skins are cosmetic items that change the appearance of the player’s weapon, gloves, or model. The skins themselves do not affect the gameplay and do not change the characteristics of the weapon – they are purely cosmetic. Also, each skin is a separate item. All of them are in the inventories of Steam users. Skin owners can transfer them to others or receive items from other Steam users.

CS2 gambling odds are exchanging, purchasing, or selling in-game items. Players buy and sell skins for various reasons. Someone wants to collect inventory in one color, and someone sells it to buy a new game for their library. There are many reasons to start trading skins. The trades themselves take place on Steam, and as a result of the exchange, the skin is transferred from one inventory to the second.

Desert Eagle Kumicho Dragon

Desert Eagle Kumicho Dragon, not only with its name but also with its appearance, is reminiscent of films with the yakuza. Dragons are often depicted on the shoulders and backs of members of this crime syndicate originally from Japan, and this time one of these dragons appeared on the trunk of the Desert Eagle.

In the new version of the game, this pistol will become even more popular because the dragon engraving on the barrel will look amazing. Of all the beautiful CS2 skins, especially those with an oriental theme, it is Kumicho Dragon that should add the most visual impact and help to improve gameplay.

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Best CS2 Skins for Beginners 6

M4A4 Royal Paladin

The M4A4 is a more accurate but weaker counterpart to the AK-47, a fully automatic assault rifle found exclusively in special forces service. This skin has an interesting design: the bronze barrel is decorated with many carved patterns, and the gray metal patterns also have great detail.

On the new M4A4 engine, Royal Paladin will sparkle with new colors. The Royal Paladin is an Arcane-quality skin and is available in a version with a StatTrak counter. Currently, M4A4 is a skin of average popularity.

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Best CS2 Skins for Beginners 7

AK-47 Cartel

One of the most promising skins for the AK-47, Cartel will please us in CS2 with clearer and nicer engraving. An ideal option for fans of the classic cloud, which, coupled with the not-so-high price, should become an interesting option for CS2 players. It has an average price among the skins of this machine. refers to skins of “Classified” quality and is available in a version with a StatTrak counter. The skin is part of the “Cartel” series.

The design function follows a natural color scheme, like a simple AK 47, which has a bunch of shiny surfaces with a twist to give it a more classic look. It has the same features as Vanilla, but is more stylish and will brighten up your color scheme. The Cartel skin is characterized by folding gravel and embellished silver-black color gait. The design contains various symbols and designs that recall the traditional engraving technique. This skin is ideal for gravers who value detailed craftsmanship and want to add a touch of elegance to their game.

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Best CS2 Skins for Beginners 8

Glock-18 Brass

This skin was released in the Dust collection, and the skins were not yet so bright and interesting. However, the new graphics engine is quite capable of giving new life to the brass textures of the Glock-18 Brass.

The Glock-18 pistol is suitable for the first round. It is most effective against opponents without body armor and can fire in three-shot bursts. Some parts of the body have been replaced with brass. The skin is not available with a StatTrak counter and does not have a souvenir version. The skin is part of the “Brass” series.

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Best CS2 Skins for Beginners 9

AWP Exoskeleton

One of the cheap AWP skins that gets a significant visual boost in CS 2. All these complex patterns, full of details on the body of the AWP Exoskeleton sniper rifle will be much more pleasing to the eye.

It was added to the game on December 3, 2020, as part of the “Broken Fang” collection, released simultaneously with the start of the operation of the same name. The exoskeleton is a “Forbidden” quality skin and exists in a version with a StatTrak counter.

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Best CS2 Skins for Beginners 10


Investing in skins is not an easy matter, but the price growth of some items in CS2 significantly outpaces the growth in the share price of large companies like Tesla or Microsoft. Like other types of trading and investing, skin trading comes with risks. Therefore, before you begin, you should thoroughly study the working conditions of the skins market in CS2.

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