BLAST Premier: Fall European Showdown 2023 – tournament format and prize pool

To better understand BLAST Premier, let’s begin by explaining what this esports league for CS:GO is all about. BLAST Premier was founded by the BLAST company in 2020 and covers two key regions: North America and Europe. This league hosts competitions in a seasonal format, including the spring and fall phases, each lasting about four months.

In the group stage, twelve teams participate, out of which six advance to the playoffs. This event attracts numerous esports bets with high odds, bringing impressive wins to fans. Notably, all matches of this tournament are available for betting on the Mostbet App Pakistan.

Entry into the playoffs is also possible through a showdown, which is open to everyone, including newcomers. The winner of each season receives an invitation to the World Finals, and additional teams qualify based on the results of other tournaments and high positions in the BLAST Premier rankings.

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BLAST Premier: Fall European Showdown 2023 - tournament format and prize pool 2

Tournament format

BLAST Premier: Fall European Showdown 2023 is a ladder-tournament with a single elimination. All matches are played in a best-of-three (Bo3) format, where teams need to secure a victory on at least two maps. The competition features the strongest European teams, battling for glory, monetary prizes, and points necessary for qualification to BLAST Premier. The winning team gets a chance to participate in the next BLAST Premier stage (Fall Final 2023), making this tournament a pivotal event in global esports.

It’s quite a prestigious competition, but a successful performance can bring more than just status.

Prize pool

The total prize pool for the tournament is $67,500 USD and will be distributed among eight teams as follows:

  • 1st place – $20,000 USD and 1,000 points
  • 2nd place – $12,500 USD and 600 points
  • 3rd-4th places – $6,500 USD and 375 points each
  • 5th-8th places – $5,000 USD and 112.5 points each

As of now, the list of participating teams is known. They include teams such as Team Liquid, Evil Geniuses, Complexity Gaming, FURIA Esports, Imperial Esports, Forsaken, Fake Natty, and The MongolZ.

Tournament favorites

It’s still early to predict a winner, as the tournament will only conclude in October. The competition will take place from October 4th to 8th. However, at the moment, Team Liquid is considered the favorite. They’ve had a successful year and even secured second place at the Riyadh Masters 2023, losing only to Team Spirit with a score of 1:3. The winner of this tournament will qualify for the BLAST Premier: Fall Final 2023, where the prize pool will be $425,000 USD, and the first place can earn up to $200,000 USD and 3,000 points, as well as qualification for the BLAST Premier: World Final 2023.

Overall, the tournament promises to be quite intriguing, and every participating team has a shot at success. It’s impossible now to rule out any team from the list of potential winners and be 100% sure about such a choice.

Trend of hosting league seasons online

Currently, many esports tournaments are conducted online. This shift is due to restrictions resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, all tournaments transitioned online, and many organizers appreciated this experience. It’s somewhat a return to the roots.

Even with esports making its way back to offline events, the BLAST Premier: Fall European Showdown 2023 will remain an online event. However, it’s worth noting that in contrast, the BLAST Premier: Fall Final 2023 will be held in a live format at the Royal Arena in Copenhagen.

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