Active Start of 2024 for the CS2 Esports Industry

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Active Start of 2024 for the CS2 Esports Industry 3

New Ninja in Pajamas Roster

Literally recently, the popular CS2 team from Sweden, Ninjas in Pajamas, announced serious changes in its roster. Fans learned about those changes from the team’s official X (Twitter) channel. As you know, the last time the legendary Swedes competed at the championship was in June 2023.

Then, the fans were more than satisfied with the excellent game and cooperation between teammates. So, the changes were perceived ambiguously. Moreover, literally one player remained from the previous team (Max Jansson). We would like to remind you that this Esports organization has actively participated in the industry for over four years.

They participated in more than 50 top championships and earned more than 170 thousand dollars in general. At the moment, it is known that the new academic roster includes 3 players from Sweden, 1 player from Israel and one more player from the Republic of South Africa. What event will be the debut of the new roster?

So far, the organizers have not revealed this secret, so fans are eagerly waiting for it. In addition, in the new roster, the team can boast of Maoz Paz, one of the most experienced players (and the oldest). He turned 23 years old.


Finally, fans of the top Norwegian Esports club waited for the announcement of the final team roster. As a result, two former iNation and OG players will play for legendary Norwegians. Dion Derksen and Vladan Radevych became literally the last pieces of the puzzle for the roster.

In turn, they replaced other popular players, Nikolaj Christensen and Tim Angström. Currently, both players are on the bench, where the team managers sent them last fall.

Thus, the general team’s roster looks as follows:

  • Dion “FASHR⁠” Derksen;
  • Thomas “birdfromsky” Due Frederiksen;
  • Florian “syrsoN” Riche;
  • John “Joint” de Castro;
  • Vladan “VLDN” Radevich.

Fans are eagerly awaiting the start of the first open qualifier of the European Regional RMR. That’s when the updated 00NATION roster will debut, and they’ll show what they are made of.

Guthrie Became a Part of ESC Gaming

Recently, the German organization ESC Gaming announced the change of Ioann “Edward” Sukhariev. Fans know that the player decided to leave the Esports industry (at least for a while) and focus more on his parental duties. Fans learned about this from the organization’s official statement in the club’s social networks.

Managers thought for a while and invited Andrii “guthriee” Havrysh. At the time of writing, he is a relatively unknown but promising player whose effective performance is hoped for by the club’s organizers.

It is known from open sources that Andriy previously played in various mixes and online tournaments, including the ESEA Cash Cup. Thus, the roster of ESC Gaming at the moment looks as follows:

  • Andrii “guthriee” Havrysh;
  • Evgeny “j3kie” Sergachev;
  • Vladyslav “bondik” Nechyporchuk;
  • Oleksandr “crushed” Turchyn;
  • Daniil “t3ns1on” Kashura.

As it was noted at the beginning, the CS2 industry entered 2024 quite energetically. Thus, besides the open qualifiers for the regional European RMR, the ESEA Season 48: Advanced Division is also waiting for the renewed ESC lineup.

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Active Start of 2024 for the CS2 Esports Industry 4

Joel Officially Joined TSM

Finally, what TSM fans have been waiting for has happened. Recently, the final starting lineup of the team became known, and the managers successfully signed Joel “joel” Holmlund. What was the reason for that? The fact is that Kai Watson was transferred to the BLEED team.

Thus, the current roster of a legendary team looks as follows:

  • Audric “JACKZ” pitcher;
  • Timofey “interz” Yakushin;
  • Waldemar “Walde” Bjorn Vangso;
  • Joel “Joel” Holmlund;
  • Mădălin-Andre “MoDo” Mirea;
  • Allan “Regine” Petersen (as coach).

However, Joel will not immediately become an active player who will take part in the upcoming tournaments. Instead, he must complete a two-month trial period with TSM. During this period, the team’s management and the coach will evaluate his performance and whether he can match the TSM standards.

It will help further to decide the best position he can play. Also, his performance will be evaluated directly by other team players. If you haven’t followed Joel’s professional life, we want to remind you that he previously participated in the Victory Zigzag team. Even more, thanks to Joel, the team won the Pelaajat Nordic Masters Fall tournament.

However, not everything was so smooth for him. As the journalists found out, he could potentially participate in fixed matches and fraud on FACEIT. It led to the team being quickly disqualified from BLAST, and Joel got a penalty.

After a more thorough investigation (conducted by ESIC), no substantial evidence of his involvement in the breach of the rules was found. As such, Joel’s suspension was overturned. Moreover, ESIC noted that Joel actively contacted and cooperated with investigators.

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