When will the next CSGO case come out in 2023?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive skin fanatics may go into withdrawals soon without a new case.

The current gap between case releases may set a new record with nearly seven months of no new skins. It’s a tough time to be a skin enthusiast, but past release trends show that they may get something soon. Here’s the timeline for when the next CSGO case could come out and what it may contain for the gold slot.

The most recent case added to CSGO is the Recoil Case, which welcomed the USP-S to the Printstream family and added flashy new wraps for the AK-47 and AWP. That case was released on July 1, 2022. The start of February 2023 will mark seven months with no new skin collections. This is close to the record for the longest delay between cases in the history of their existence. The gap between Prisma and CS20 was 219 days. The current dry spell is on day 212 as of January 29.

Next CSGO case likely to come out in February 2023

With such a long gap between releases, it is highly likely that the next CSGO case will come out sometime in February or March 2023.

This current gap will likely become the longest in CSGO case history, but Valve is more likely than ever to release a case in the near future. February would be the most likely month, but it’s also possible that the lack of a new case will stretch into March. The case market is as hot as it has ever been, with more than 200,000 Recoils on the market starting at 70 cents.

It’s also possible that Valve is holding back on releases in preparation for a larger content launch such as an operation. Riptide ended in February of 2022, making it a year gap since a battle pass was brought to CSGO. A new operation would mean not one but several new skin lines added to the game along with a time-limited case.

Will new CSGO case come with gloves or knives?

The next CSGO case has a good chance of containing gloves for its extremely rare item slot.

Starting from the Prisma 2 Case’s release in March of 2020, Valve has followed a simple pattern when it comes to gold item releases. CSGO has two knife cases in a row, then two glove cases. This has been the trend for more than two years now, though that only tracks seven cases so far. Anyone hoping for a price drop on gloves will certainly be happy if that’s the case.

Since the Recoil case contained gloves while the two preceding cases contained knives, that hints toward a new set of glove releases in the first case of 2023. However, Valve is not necessarily following that pattern as a rule, and it could turn out to contain knives instead. However, that would go against nearly two years of precedence.

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