What Will CS2 Bring New To The Professional Scene and CSTournaments?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is one of the most popular esports titles in the world. The first-person shooter game developed by Valve Corporation has been running strong for over a decade, but it’s finally time for some change. On March 22 this year, Valve announced that a sequel to the legendary Counter-Strike franchise would be released; Counter-Strike 2. Here’s all you need to know about what Counter-Strike 2 will bring to the table.

Expectations From Counter-Strike 2

Though Counter-Strike 2 is yet to be released, the community was given much insight into what to expect in Valve’s new game. Valve stated that Counter-Strike 2 will be a complete overhaul of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and fans can expect many changes to gameplay and graphics. Here is a brief list of some changes you can expect to see in Counter-Strike 2:

  1. Better Tick Rates – One of CS:GO’s most prominent issues is the poor tick rate that affects the gameplay experience of casual players. In CS2, Valve has promised improvements in tick rates so that players can have a more enjoyable game experience. 
  1. Upgraded Graphics and Lighting – Apart from the actual gameplay, Counter-Strike 2 will also improve the visual aspects of the game, including making graphics look more appealing and realistic. All CS:GO maps will receive “touchstone” changes which will upgrade the lighting around the maps and make them much more appealing to the eye. Skins will also look different in Counter-Strike 2 with new graphics and lighting.
  1. Smoke Mechanics – The largest gameplay change in CS2 is adjusting how smokes will work in the new game. Smokes in Counter-Strike 2 will be volumetric and responsive, meaning that these smokes can be affected by grenades and bullets. These smokes can be carved and pushed by incoming grenades and bullets. 

If you’re unfamiliar with the esports ecosystem in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, all you need to know is that CS:GO is arguably the most successful esports title regarding tournaments and viewership. This fact makes gameplay changes necessary and emphasizes enhancing the viewing experience for Counter-Strike fans.

With promises of upgraded lighting and graphics, Counter-Strike fans can be assured that the spectating aspect of Counter-Strike 2 will look incredible. Counter-Strike fans can watch the best teams play on up-to-date graphics, boosting the already famous Counter-Strike esports scene. 

More viewers will flood into CS2, and more tournament organizers and sponsors will keep a close eye on the scene, potentially investing in more significant CSGO events.

It’s also important to note that professional players from other first-person shooter games will consider converting games. With many expected changes to how Counter-Strike 2 is played, all players will have a fresh start when the game is released, and we can expect to see some newer names competing at the top of Counter-Strike 2 tournaments. 

Potential for Betting in Counter-Strike 2

Upon the release of Counter-Strike 2, we can quickly expect a large influx of new players and hype. The hype circulating Counter-Strike 2 can create lots of betting opportunities for Counter-Strike fans. 

Changes in the smoke mechanics can revolutionize the way strategies in Counter-Strike work. A new tactical approach can help Counter-Strike fans analyze these changes and help them decide on their CSGO predictions. 

Next, with more players coming into CS2, many tournaments are expected to be held, meaning that Counter-Strike fans will have more matches to bet on and discuss their CSGO betting tips with one another. Finally, we discussed earlier that Counter-Strike 2 would serve as an even ground for all professional players, as many changes will require them to adapt. These changes create opportunities for new rising talent to make their way to the top and upset the big dogs dominating CSGO. Bettors can place bets on newer names and receive high returns on their CSGO betting predictions.

Getting Prepared for Counter-Strike 2

So, how should you react and prepare for this massive update as a player, team, or organizer?

As a player who’s looking to become a professional Counter-Strike 2 player, it’s crucial that you immediately start grinding the game as soon as it comes out. This is the perfect time to get into the game, as everyone will be on even grounds trying to figure the game out. Finding success around the start of the release can help you make a name for yourself amongst the Counter-Strike 2 community.

For teams, it might still be the best option to recruit players who have competitive experience in CS:GO, as their experience will help them adapt to the new game quicker than professional players coming in from other first-person shooter games. However, watching any fresh, upcoming talent who shows up out of nowhere is essential. Teams can sign these no-name players for very cheap, lowering the risks from a business standpoint.

Finally, if you’re a tournament organizer, it’s recommended to take action as soon as Counter-Strike 2 releases immediately. There has been lots of hype surrounding the game, and millions of players will be interested in trying it out at its launch. This is an excellent opportunity to host tournaments, as the player base will peak during the release. 


In conclusion, much hype has already been created upon Counter-Strike 2’s announcement. The new game will come with many positive changes that look incredibly promising. These updates will enhance the gameplay of Counter-Strike and visually enhance the game for players and viewers. The release will create many opportunities, including tournaments, betting, and upcoming talent. 

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