Want a CSGO graffiti based on you? This contest is your chance

Getting an in-game graffiti in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive usually requires a trip to a major, but the average fan can enter a contest to get immortalized on Iris.

The creators of Iris have announced a new competition for in-game graffiti on their map. The winner of the event will get their own custom graffiti on the map Iris. Players need to score an amazing clutch and submit it to the makers in order to enter. The competition ends on May 1, 2022, so get your clips in as fast as you can.

The competition is specifically for community map Iris, which was added to the game during the post-Riptide update. Mapper Oliver, who collaborated with BubkeZ to create Iris, posted details about the competition through social media on August 28.

Newer CSGO players may not realize the significance of in-game graffitis. These have been implemented to pay homage to legendary plays in big CSGO events. Marcelo “coldzera” David’s jumping AWP shots on Mirage andx Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev’s falling no-scopes are just two of six in-game graffitis.

How to enter Iris graffiti clutch contest

To enter the competition, players must submit a clip of their best clutch in a response to the Twitter post announcing the competition. There are currently only a handful of entries, so anyone joining now still stands a decent chance of winning. The clutch must also take place on Iris. Players who stick to competitive maps will need to learn the new layout for a chance to win.

There aren’t very many details for the competition, but the in-game graffiti will probably be up to the player. Oliver could simply ask for a signature or create a custom graphic with details from the clutch. Either way, every CSGO player should jump at the chance to get immortalized on the community map.

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