Game Night Ideas at Your Apartment

Game nights are always fun, aren’t they? You get to spend such an amazing time with your friends and family where you are just chilling and spending a wholesome time at your apartments for rent in Cincinnati,OH. Game nights are highly entertaining since they have flexible rules and there is nothing extra that you need to do. You can keep them casual and they literally work for any event, be it a birthday party, movie night, holiday celebration, or anything. They are perfect for adults as well as kids – however that depends on the kind of games you choose. 

Now, if you are hosting your first night at your apartment, and have no idea of which games you need to play, then you’re at the right place. We have made a list of some super fun for you to make your game night an unforgettable one. They are super easy to play and work perfectly fine for a group of friends. So let’s get started! 

  1. Never Have I Ever

We all know about this one, don’t we? You cannot have a game night without playing never have I ever. Now, to get started, you need to sit in a circle and start off with one person saying never have I ever and ask them to finish with something they have never done. If anyone else from your group has done it, they must hold up one finger, and if no one has done it, then the person saying never have I ever needs to hold up a finger. Continue around the circle using different phrases and until one person has three fingers up, they are out of the game. This game can get as exciting as you want depending on the game rules you opt for. If it’s just a group of friends, you can make it as juicy as you want! 

  1. Would You Rather 

Here is another exciting game that you’ll enjoy for sure. To get it started, you need to sit in a group and ask the person sitting next to you ‘would you rather..’ and the sentence should include two difficult situations. For example, would you rather stop using social media forever or stop meeting your friends? Once they have replied, it is now their turn to ask something from the person sitting next to them. Keep the game going and trust me people will come up with exciting stuff. You can make the game as exciting as you want. If you are out of questions to ask, you can always search them up. 

  1. Two Truths and a Lie 

This one is my personal favorite that your friends are going to love for sure! The game goes like this, you need to choose three statements about yourself, make sure two of them are true and one should be a lie. Everyone playing the game needs to guess which one is the lie. Every person in the game gets to do this. It is not only a great way to get your party started, but also an incredible one to get to know your friends better. 

Also, if you are playing the game with your close friends and family members, make sure to pick extra details and mention them to trick them even more. 

  1. Straight Face 

All your funny, goofy friends are going to love this one! You need to give your guests a piece of paper and ask everyone to write a funny phrase on it. Once everyone is done, collect everything, fold it, and add it in a hat. Now gather in a circle and give one person the hat. They need to take out any paper and read the statement loud to the entire group. Everyone’s task is to keep a straight face. Whoever ends up laughing or smiling, loses and they are out of the game. Make sure to pass the hat around until everyone is done. 

  1. 20 Questions 

Here is a game to ask anyone, anything you want. However, before starting the game, you need to ask all of your friends playing the game to be brutally honest. If ya’ll lie, it is not going to be fun at all! Also, ask everyone if they are comfortable with the game or not. 

To start the game, you need to pick one person to go first. That person can choose anyone from the group and ask any question they want. It can be literally anything. However, they must be yes-or-no questions. Anyone else in the group can also ask questions if they want. Everyone gets turns and that is where you need to end the game. 

Wrapping it up! 

Here you go guys! Apart from these games, you can also opt for some oldies such as musical chairs, charades, and others. Have fun and hope you throw an awesome, fun-filled party night!

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