Find New Gamers with Ease – 5 Best Social Gaming Platforms

In the dynamic gaming landscape we find ourselves, social interaction has become a cornerstone of multiplayer gaming, this site works for any games from Warzon, csgo to League of legends.

Gamers nowadays want to enhance their gaming experience and create a sense of belonging by joining social communities with like-minded individuals.

Since there are many of these gaming social platforms out there, it’s important to know which ones provide you with the best experience overall.


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Duoo is the best gaming social platform out there, allowing League of Legends players to find perfect duo partners and new teammates in a matter of seconds.

This app uses a lot of relevant information to match teammates such as rank, region, language, and playstyle which results in a very accurate matching system. Furthermore, it’s very easy to find active players creating new LFG posts on the website as it has a lot of traffic.

If you’re looking for an all-in-one gaming platform where you can connect all of your LoL accounts, look no further than Duoo as you can connect as many smurf accounts as you want to your Duoo account.

It’s also worth mentioning that Duoo is fully Discord compatible as you can enjoy all of the website’s functionality in your Discord servergaming, by using their bot Miko.


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In the past few years, Discord has become one of the most popular gaming platforms in the world due to its feature-rich design and quality interface.

However, apart from providing you with a platform where you can text and call others, Discord is a place where you can socialize and meet new friends as well.

This is primarily possible because of Discord’s server system given that there are themed servers for specific purposes. For that reason, you can join numerous servers whose main goal is to help you find new friends and players to play with while also providing you with a platform for entertaining activities.

Many of these servers that promote social activity among members host themed nights such as movie-watching sessions, tournaments, or quiz nights.


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Gamerlink is a mobile application that serves as a social platform where you can meet new gamers that are playing your favorite video game.

Probably the best aspect about Gamerlink is the variety of video games it supports which is great if you’re trying to find players who aren’t playing only mainstream games such as CoD or Fortnite.

Since the app is all about creating new connections between gamers, Gamerlink allows you to style your profile and add a lot of personal flavor that makes it stand out.

The app’s search system does a great job of matching you with compatible users by using filters such as skill and voice communication preferences when displaying potential teammates.

You can easily communicate with gamers you come across by using the app’s in-built chat and you can also create group chats if you want to talk to multiple players at once.


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Apart from offering you with a vast library of purchasable video games ranging from AAA titles to indie games, Steam is also a great place to manage your gaming social connections.

This application has a well-designed profile system that shows your owned games, playtime, and achievements, while also allowing you to customize it with backgrounds and badges.

You can add players to your friends list, see when they’re online, and track their current in-game activity. Additionally, you can also voice chat with the gamers you’re playing with apart from just texting them which is a very convenient option.

Furthermore, every game on Steam has a separate Game Hub where players can discuss the game, share screenshots and guides, and find community-created content such as mods.


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It shouldn’t be surprising that Reddit is included in this list as it’s one of the most popular social platforms in general with over 1.5 billion people using the app monthly.

Even though Reddit encompasses a wide array of interests, it is a host to many large gaming communities. These communities are divided into subreddits dedicated to different games, gaming genres, platforms, and topics where you can socialize and discuss with other Reddit users.

Specifically, r/gaming and specific game-focused subreddits are great places to meet new teammates and stay up-to-date with your favorite video game updates and releases.

Should you come across someone you want to befriend or get to know better, you can comment one of their posts or use Reddit’s built-in chat system that allows you to contact them directly.

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