CS:GO map Anubis remains full of bugs nearly 2 weeks after entering pro map pool

Anubis, a CS:GO map that replaced Dust II in the active map pool on Nov. 18, has some bugs that Valve apparently isn’t aware of.

As soon as Anubis was added to the official rotation, professional players and streamers started to play it in order to prepare for official matches or create content while the topic is fresh. One of the bugs is near the entrance of the B bombsite. Brazilian content creator Giovanni “Gio” Deniz spotted that there is an invisible texture that prevents grenades from going through; they actually bounce back after you throw them.

There’s another bug near the entrance of the B bombsite that is causing the opposite effect of the bug found by Gio. Former BIG and Fnatic AWPer smooya noticed that you can throw grenades that go over a wall like it didn’t exist.

And the third bug was actually replicated in the first pro match featuring Anubis: ATK vs. MIBR on Nov. 27 for ESEA Cash Cup. ATK’s player Jonathan “b0denmaster” Bodenmalm found a smoke that can be thrown from T spawn and creates a one-way on Connector. The issue with this grenade is that it doesn’t bounce and hit the ground as it should. The smoke gets stuck into a wall, similar to the bug m0NESY abused on Mirage’s Window.

Anubis was introduced for the first time in CS:GO in March 2020, but Valve only added it to the Active Duty map pool this month after IEM Rio Major was finalized. It’s common that pros and streamers are starting to find bugs just now as they barely played Anubis before. The map will debut in a tier-one tournament in December at the $1 million BLAST Premier World Final.

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