Best CS:GO Settings: Setup Tips from Professionals

CS:GO or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive  is one of the most popular games with multiple csgo events coming up, this guide will give you a starting point to find the best settings for CS:GO. The hardware, the respective set of mouse and keyboard, special monitors, etc. definitely have an influence on the gameplay. But you will always be less good if you don’t have the right settings in the menu.

As part of this research done by specializing in csgo betting tips, they asked players from teams Fnatic, Gambit Esports and SK Gaming about their in-game settings and how changes there affect their game. With the increase in popularity, esports gained a lot of traction creating a chain reaction; from the increase of tournaments, increase in people betting on esports and the massive amount of prize money players are winning. 

So If you’re getting serious with esports, specially CS:GO then taking the time to check this article and check what settings needed to improve your capability. The level of settings possible with console commands is a lot, varying from each part of the setup.

Resolution and Aspect Ratio – 4:3 or 16:9 

CS:GO is one of the few games that allows players to choose multiple image formats. Many of the older pros prefer 4:3 – especially those coming from CS 1.6. For Fnatic team captain , the choice is down to personal preference: “At 4:3 you benefit from larger models on the screen, but you lose some field of view compared to 16:10 or 16:9.”

At the pro level, the expanded peripherals in the field of view do not bring any advantage, since you have to move your crosshairs accordingly before you can shoot.

Gambit Esports captain adds: “At 4:3 the player models are wider but they move faster. At 16:9 they are narrower but also slower. It comes down to personal preference whatever makes you feel more comfortable.”

In summary, one can say that no image format is superior to the other. Stick to the ratio you are used to, because switching will also change your aim settings.

Resolution and Aspect Ratio

How to stretch resolution in CSGO?

For stretching of resolution, ut is important that you have Nvidia GPUs to be able to do this, as it is possible with AMD that it cannot be adjusted for the time being is stretched, then will we do the following:

  • For Resolution, select the newly created resolution that you made in the Nvidia Control Panel.
  • With stretched resolution and also a higher video output quality than the resolutions normally available in the 4:3 aspect ratio.
  • Desktop and right-click on the Nvidia Control Panel.
  • Go to the resolution change in the menu and click on ‘Adjust’.
  • In the new window, we click on ‘Create custom resolution’.
  • Depending on what we have we need to change it to the equivalent of 4:3 so we use this table to determine the values. Next go to the settings for the size and position of the desktop, we set the one Sailing to full screen and we use our normal created resolution.
  • We open the game to enter the video settings to select 4: 3 as the aspect ratio.

The keyboard at the right angle in the right place

If you’ve watched a CS:GO tournament, you’ve probably noticed that some pros position their keyboards unusually at the table. For typing, we usually have the keyboard horizontally in front of us, but some players position it at a 45-degree angle in front of them.  traces this back to the old CS 1.6 LAN parties where there was never enough space for the players.

And so a necessity became a habit. Nowadays there is enough space even with large LANs, but players like Frantic stick to their setup. The moral of the story is that you keep the setup that is most comfortable for you so that you can fully concentrate on the game.

The appropriate keyboard layout

CS:GO is not a heavy real-time strategy game with 50 keyboard shortcuts, but everything should be executable here as well. The appropriate keyboard layout brings some efficiency with it. SK gaming explains his layout to us: “I use C for flashbangs, T for smoke grenades and V for Molotovs. I also switch between the right and left eyes with mouse buttons 4 and 5.”

Frantic team lead uses the spacebar to crouch. “Crouching is very important in CS:GO, so the biggest button works best for me.” When purchasing gear early in the round, most players use the number keys in the top line of text, with some using the numeric keypad.

Whatever setting you prefer, make sure you develop a routine of doing it. In any case, you should make sure that you only adjust one parameter at a time so that you can accurately trace the effect back to the gameplay.

Different Keyboard layout

The mouse sensitivity thing

What could be more important in a shooter than good aim? Every professional CS:GO player invests a lot of time in this until he has perfectly adapted his aim to his playing style.

Gambit Esports prefers lower sensitivity: “It makes my aiming more consistent. Although higher sensitivity helps to avoid flashbangs in time.” While SK Gaming team lead prefers to have his sensitivity set higher, at 2.5 with 400 DPI. It is more comfortable for him to have to move his arms less.

The consensus among pros is the mouse sensitivity that allows you to pivot away from flashbangs fast enough and still be accurate enough to get headshots with most weapons. Practice creates masters!

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