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CS:GO Update Adds Weapon Donation, Reveals 2021 Service Medals

Valve dropped a new CS:GO update earlier today with a bunch of map changes, bug fixes, and more. However, the most significant and standout changes were the addition of a weapon donation feature and revealing the 2021 service medals which will roll out starting January 1, 2021. CS:GO Adds Weapon Donation Feature ‘Donation’ is a […]

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Latest changes by Valve point to a big new CSGO update

Valve’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive development team is putting in work, and it’s starting to show. Updates to CSGO over the past several days can’t confirm that another major operation is coming, but they paint a picture of a dedicated team working hard on something. It’s not just CSGO’s programmers either. In the past three weeks, […]

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CS:GO Operation Shattered Web brings Agents, missions, and SG 553 nerf

The CS:GO meta has changed drastically with the surprise release of the latest Operation, Shattered Web.  Today, the CS:GO developers released Operation Shattered Web, which contains gameplay changes and all-new ‘Agents,’ weapon collections, missions, and more. But the most important change may be the Terrorist side SSG 553 rifle’s nerf. The developers hit the gun with a price increase—from $2,750 […]

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Counter-Strike 1.6 update released

Valve didnt quit from good old epic CS 1.6 as we can see. On the evening of October 9, the first six-month update for Counter-Strike 1.6 came out. Changes and Additions Prevent texgamma and lightgamma and brightness cvars from affecting lighting in multiplayer Added support for player avatars in scoreboard for lower display resolutions Added […]

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CS:GO’s newest update broke a character model

Yesterday’s CS:GO update has caused a bug that’s broken one of the game’s character model. alve has reduced the memory footprint of some character models and it affected one called “FBI model A,” a counter-terrorist character playable on Nuke. The update is supposed to improve FPS for low specs systems. Since the FBI model is […]

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New CS:GO release notes confirm changes to competitive matchmaking

The latest release notes for CS:GO have been published on the game’s official blog. Most notable of these announcements is the addition of Ruby to the competitive matchmaking pool, and the removal of Zoo. Additionally, players are now limited to a single cooldown level for “abusively kicking teammates even if they vote kick multiple teammates in […]

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive adds LFG system

Are you looking to meet heavily-armed and available men in your area for hot action… and maybe more? Someone who won’t flashbang you then run? Or fancy a group of like-minded murdermen for chat and banter? Pick up your mouse and click on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, which has added a looking-for-group system to help players party […]

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Valve rolled out an emergency CS:GO hotfix to deal with lobby-crashing trolls

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players may have noticed a small patch this morning. The hotfix is meant to address a relatively new exploit that allowed hackers to crash game lobbies – but the fix, at least for now, means you won’t be able to use the ‘nearby lobby’ feature for the time being. From the sounds […]

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CS:GO’s battle royale gets a new map, weird sci-fi items, and Apex Legends-style pings

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s Danger Zone mode – the one that’s a bit like battle royale – has had a major update. It’s getting a brand new map, loads of new items and upgrades, and several features that ape Apex Legends. These include a pinging system and respawns. Details on the player pinging system are thin, […]

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Pros are iffy on some of CS:GO’s latest changes

The latest update to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive makes some pretty significant changes to Valve’s esteemed old competitive shooter, but some professional players aren’t completely happy with some of what’s in the update. Most of the latest changes have met with a positive response from the CS:GO player community, such as the new way loss bonuses […]

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