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CSGO fans are calling on the “caster curse” to make a big game update happen

Head to the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive updates page on the FPS game’s site and you’ll see that major patches and gameplay tweaks have been a little few-and-far-between of late. It appears the CS:GO community is keen to see a big update hit the game, and soon, and has now decided to try and make this happen using a novel approach […]

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Newly Found CS:GO Source 2 Code Points Towards an Upcoming Update

2020 started off with a bang for Counter-Strike players as they thoroughly enjoyed operation “Shattered Web” along with the many rumor’s surrounding the porting of CS:GO over to the Source 2 engine. But as the year wore own this excitement about the impending release of the Source 2 update slowly died down as all predictions turned false […]

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