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CS:GO Operation Shattered Web brings Agents, missions, and SG 553 nerf

The CS:GO meta has changed drastically with the surprise release of the latest Operation, Shattered Web.  Today, the CS:GO developers released Operation Shattered Web, which contains gameplay changes and all-new ‘Agents,’ weapon collections, missions, and more. But the most important change may be the Terrorist side SSG 553 rifle’s nerf. The developers hit the gun with a price increase—from $2,750 […]

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5 CS:GO Updates We Need In A New CS:GO Operation

It’s now been over a year since Operation Hydra ended. And while there’s no news of the next CS:GO operation in sight, there are some CS:GO leaks suggesting we could get one soon. But what would a new CS:GO operation entail? Here are 5 potential updates we’d love to see Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Updates We Need In […]

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