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Everything We Know About CS:GO’s Operation 10

Since the beginning of November, there have been a lot of speculations about CS:GO’s next operation which was supposed to be released before the end of this month. With less than a week left to go the CS:GO community is still hopeful that they will receive ‘Operation 10’ after all the caster’s curse has also been […]

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Operation 10 Might Include New Map, 1v1, Survival Co-op, And More

More information about the upcoming ‘Operation 10’ has been revealed. According to Valve News Network the upcoming operation will be winter/snow themed. The operation will also include 1v1 game mode, survival co-op missions, and more interesting content. There has been a sudden up rise in speculations surrounding the release of Valve’s latest operation for CS:GO […]

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CS:GO Insider Claims New Operation 10 Will be Released “really soon”

CS:GO insider claims that ‘Operation 10’ is confirmed and might be released “really soon”. Another user finds data entry evidence that points towards a new upcoming operation. Users speculate the release date of ‘Operation 10’ as 8 November or 18 November. It seems that the rumours and speculations pointing towards an upcoming new operation were indeed […]

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