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CS:GO gets a retro version of Dust II to celebrate 20 years of Counter-Strike

Counter-Strike is officially 20 years old today. The first beta version of a PvP mod of the original Half-Life released in June 1999, and has today grown into one of the most iconic FPS franchises in the world. In a blog post published early this morning, Valve said that “twenty years ago, a humble Half-Life mod changed […]

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AUG nerf, retro Dust II arrive in latest CS:GO update

In celebration of Counter-Strike’s 20-year anniversary, Valve has added a retro version of Dust II, in addition to tuning the AUG to “bring its utility more in line with other rifles.” Available in the Casual Dust II map group, the retro Dust II map is a very fitting way to celebrate the 20th anniversary. Dust II has […]

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