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CSGO update makes a bunch of Apollo map changes

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has got another update this week, which – as is often the case – brings a smattering of various gameplay, map, and other miscellaneous changes to Valve’s FPS game. The latest patch, though, notably adds a bunch of tweaks to CS:GO’s Apollo map, including a fix for some hiccups caused by the multiplayer game’s most recent […]

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CS:GO Update Adds Weapon Donation, Reveals 2021 Service Medals

Valve dropped a new CS:GO update earlier today with a bunch of map changes, bug fixes, and more. However, the most significant and standout changes were the addition of a weapon donation feature and revealing the 2021 service medals which will roll out starting January 1, 2021. CS:GO Adds Weapon Donation Feature ‘Donation’ is a […]

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AUG nerf, retro Dust II arrive in latest CS:GO update

In celebration of Counter-Strike’s 20-year anniversary, Valve has added a retro version of Dust II, in addition to tuning the AUG to “bring its utility more in line with other rifles.” Available in the Casual Dust II map group, the retro Dust II map is a very fitting way to celebrate the 20th anniversary. Dust II has […]

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