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New CS:GO Map Allows Users to Play Among Us, Available in Steam Workshop

Among Us in CS:GO is definitely not something new, but designing a whole new map especially for playing the game is pretty huge. The Russian website ‘Cybershoke’ which had earlier successfully ported the entire game of Among Us over to the Source engine, making it possible to play it in first-person within CS:GO as a unique mod on private […]

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This fan-made CS:GO map looks like it was plucked out of Far Cry 5

As you’ll know if you’re into giving the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive community’s handcrafted creations a whirl, the FPS game’s modding scene is thriving. Among many new fan-made maps posted this week is one impressive option that drops you into a portion of rural America called ‘Grizzly County’, with all the landmarks and scenery that idea conjures up – kind […]

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This DreamHack trailer might have teased a returning CSGO map

The DreamHack Masters Winter trailer is impressive, but there was something that caught the eye of many viewers on Dust 2. The trailer for DreamHack Winter 2020 was a work of art, there’s no doubt about that. With beautiful animations to go with its soundtrack and voiceover, it’s an impressive piece of CSGO from Valve. […]

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This spooky, snowy CS:GO map is ideal for Wingman mode

We’re now well and truly into spooky season, and while Halloween parties are very much off the table this year, you can always find alternative ways to celebrate within virtual worlds. From Fortnite to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, all the best PC games typically hold some sort of Halloween event. Failing that, there’s no shortage of […]

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