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  • Mar- 2020 -
    23 March
    alyx index

    Half-Life: Alyx

    Half-Life: Alyx launches March 23rd, and we’re celebrating the release in CS:GO! Half-Life themed Stickers, Collectible Pins, and Patches are…

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  • 4 March

    Grand Finale

    We’re in the final weeks of Operation Shattered Web, and players have until March 30th to play missions, earn progress,…

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  • Feb- 2020 -
    25 February

    Patch Notes

    Today’s update includes a revamped buy menu, a simple way to customize (and share) your crosshair, and an all new…

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  • 19 February

    From Russia With Love

    Week 14 missions are ready to play! Grab an AK and queue for Cache and Train in Casual, Competitive, Wingman,…

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  • 12 February

    Pump up the Volume

    Break out the big guns. Subtlety is not required when using the overpowered weapons in this week’s missions. It is…

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  • 7 February

    Squelching the Noise

    We take feedback about communication abuse seriously, and in the past we’ve shipped settings that let customers control their exposure…

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  • 5 February
    week12 cover

    Maximum Impact

    Show off your specialized skills while completing this week’s varied set of missions!

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  • Jan- 2020 -
    29 January

    A Dry Heat

    This week’s missions move the operation to areas which feature CS:GO’s arid climates. Play Casual, Guardian, Wingman, and Deathmatch game…

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  • 22 January

    Raw Athleticism

    The Shattered Web missions for week 10 are now ready to play! Get 15 default pistol kills in Deathmatch, 20…

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  • 15 January

    Just Having a Good Day

    “Hey, sometimes your opponent is just having a really good day!” Repeat this soothing consolation should you run into any…

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