For each weapon, you can apply stickers. There are many stickers in CS:GO with professional teams and pro players.

An even deeper aspect here is making great combinations of CS:GO skins and stickers. Lots of things matter in this process, such as color matching and understanding CS:GO history.



Of course, there are no skins and stickers that will make you play better. 

M4A1-S | Basilisk + NIP | London 2018

m4a1s basilisk nip london 2018
m4a1s basilisk nip london 2018
  • Flavor Text: It’s rude to stare, but war isn’t the time for pleasantries
  • Added: 11 November 2014
  • Rifle: Restricted
  • Starting Price (Skin+Stickers): $1.2
  • Stickers: Ninjas in Pyjamas London 2018

AWP | Graphite + Golden Stickers

awp graphite golden stickers
awp graphite golden stickers
  • Flavor Text: Pencils down, hands up
  • Added: 29 September 2013
  • Rifle: Classified
  • Starting Price (Skin+Stickers): $12.50
  • Stickers: Flamie Katowice 2019 Gold Device Berlin 2019 Gold

AK-47 | Redline + FaZe Stickers, Mouz, Astralis, and HellRaisers

ak 47 redline faze mouz astralis hellraisers
ak 47 redline faze mouz astralis hellraisers
  • Flavor Text: Never be afraid to push it to the limit
  • Added: 20 February 2014
  • Rifle: Classified
  • Starting Price (Skin+Stickers): $6.27
  • Stickers: Astralis Krakow 2017 Faze Clan London 2018 Mousesports London 2018 Hellraisers Atlanta 2017



P250 | Valence + Stickers of Titan and Cloud9

p250 valence titan cloud9
p250 valence titan cloud9
  • Flavor Text: Your skills aren’t in question, your attitude is – The Teacher and The Iconoclast Part 1
  • Added: 15 April 2015
  • Rifle: Mil-spec
  • Starting Price (Skin+Stickers): $0.83
  • Stickers: Cloud9 Krakow 2017 Titan Katowice 2015

USP-S | Orion + Fnatic Stickers

usps orion fnatic stickers
usps orion fnatic stickers
  • Added: 1 May 2014
  • Rifle: Classified
  • Starting Price (Skin+Stickers): $8.19
  • Stickers: Fnatic London 2018 Fnatic Sticker 2019

These CS:GO sticker combinations are just examples, so don’t limit your creativity and do whatever you like. Maybe, your variants will start new trends among the players.

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